Stories of Girls’ Resistance
Anna, Armenia


“…when I was 14 there was an NGO that came to school, they were working on women’s issues but not a women’s organisation, they were doing stuff on gender. It was the first time I heard that word. They said they were going to have a course on gender to explain what gender is. This was something that astonished me and explained a lot of stuff. I had the feeling I had been looking for that word my whole life. This is my world. Now the picture is complete. I had the desire to know more.”

Anna’s Story

Anna spent her last 14 years – half of her life – fighting and protesting for the things she believes in. Her journey in the world of activism began when she was 14 and discovered the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women. It still continues, she works with a coalition focused on stopping violence against women, teaches a module about gender representations in the media at a University, and founded the first feminist library in Armenia.

About The Actor

Mihaela Drăgan is a multidisciplinary artist who lives in Bucharest and works in several other countries. In 2014, she founded Giuvlipen Theatre Company, where she is an actress and playwright with other Roma actresses. In 2018, Mihaela was a resident artist in Hong Kong at Para Site Contemporary Art Centre where she developed Roma Futurism – a concept that lies at the intersection of Roma culture, technology and witchcraft. Her performance “Roma Futurism” has been showcased in multiple art spaces such as: the Museum of Contemporary Art from Belgrade; FutuRoma – the collateral exhibition at Venice Biennale; the Critical Romani Studies conference at Central European University in Budapest and the Romanian Cultural Institute in London. Inspired by the talent of Niko G., she learned rap flows after writing together lyrics for the soundtrack of the Giuvlipen shows, and this gave birth to Niko G. x Kali, the only duo of Roma women singing Romanian trap.

Anna, video artist