Stories of Girls’ Resistance
Bianca, Romania


“I am a magnanimous person, so to speak. Especially with the people that have suffered. I am at the same time both strong and somewhat not self-confident. But I am always amazed by my inner strength. […] I want to keep fighting for people who are being discriminated against. My role is to offer moral support. I can understand those girls. I understand what you are going through, darlings. I understand how you feel. And I am trying to give confidence, if we stick together, everything will be fine. My dream is that we will be independent. I want to continue to be: Bianca, stylish as I am, to continue to show these beautiful legs when I feel like it! I want to live in my freedom. As I want to. Do as you feel. Do not care so much about what people say…”

Bianca’s Story

Bianca is a nonbinary activist from Romania who identifies with the she/her pronouns. She fights for the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community and is the creator and hosts of “Two Black Chicks,”  an online entertainment show broadcasted on Facebook that presents the LGBTQ community from the presenters’ perspective. Inspired by her own experiences, she condemns discrimination and brings into the spotlight the voices of the community, regardless of ethnicity, age or gender.

About The Actor

Arhanghella studied fashion design and is a performance artist. She joined the Giuvlipen team as part of the Girls’ Resistance project. She has also been part of the performative project “Cu fiecare atingere vom renaște”(With Every Touch We Will Be Reborn), and, as an actress, in the latest Giuvlipen production “Trauma Kink.” She makes art and IS art and states that her existence is a form of protest in the transphobic and racist society that we are living in.