Stories of Girls’ Resistance
D., Kyrgyzstan


“…at the beginning I still had doubts, I tried to fit in the system sometimes, but now it’s changed greatly. If the system does something that does not match my justice principles, I will go against the system. Earlier I kept silence in many situations. Now in most cases I argue, because I feel sceptical about the imposed rightness. I still feel I am in a community but at the same time I have this individual struggle, I am trying to find the balance, and maybe in the future I will devote more time to social work rather than being focused on myself. I may call it sustainable, but still balancing.”

D’s Story

D. is part of the “Teenagers and Youth for Justice and Equality” (TY4JE) group founded in Kyrgyzstan. It is an open group where teenagers – regardless of their experience, education, nationality or sexual orientation – offer their solidarity and friendship. She’s an artist that rebels against the system through art. She recounts in comic books the fight with the society that tries to make us all “ideal.” Her story is one of nonconformity and solidarity.

About The Actor

Julio Elvisey Pisică is an interdisciplinary artist who graduated from the Theatre and Music University in Timișoara. He is passionate about poetry, theatre and music. His career started in his teenage years as a collaborator of an independent theatre company in Timișoara, together with which he toured in Romania and abroad. Throughout his career he was part of various Festivals in Romania and abroad, he was a peer-trainer in Erasmus projects and his poems were published multiple times in Romania. In the last years he began experimenting with music and he is an independent music producer.

Julio Elvisey Pisică