Stories of Girls’ Resistance
Edina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


“One thing that I say is the most important thing- is that I will never lose the will and strength and wanting to help and move on and inspire. To just be Edina and to be loyal to activism, to be loyal to women. That is something that I know I will continue to do and work on.”

Edina’s Story

Edina is part of the “Stop the Violence Until It’s Too Late” group founded in Bosnia and Herzegovina, an informal group for raising awareness on the effects of domestic abuse. Her story is about the battle against stereotypes. And, it brings up facts that, once historically contextualised, reveal the double standards that keep fostering violent attitudes.

About The Actor

Bianca Mihai is a singer and actress. She was the semifinalist in one of Romania’s Got Talent editions, took part in various musical festivals in Romania and performed together with IOnel Tudor’s orchestra. In high school, she performed in a youth theater group that toured the country. She is passionate about anything that has to do with people and art and she seeks to connect to people through art. She is currently a student at the Economical Studies University in Bucharest but continues to pursue her passion for acting and music, especially jazz while building her performing career.

Bianca Mihai