Stories of Girls’ Resistance
Elvisey, Romania


“Sit down, let me introduce myself! It’s me, Bety! Smart crow, extremely shukar. And let me be clear, you don’t mess with me or with what is mine. I have enough brains, I’m crafty, honest, blunt actress and DJ, a poet with honey. I am not afraid to be me, I know what I’m worth. I have darkness in my skin and all things explode. My dark shining skin defeats society. Now I’m a great lesbian actress, read my manifest. I’m on all posters, I revolutionised both the East and the West! Bety CatFur savage, quite volcanic. My lyrics have an effect so cathartic. I make art, you make row. Shukar crow, caw caw chackra.”

Elvisey’s Story

Elvisey realised – after going on stage for the first time – that this is what they wanted to do forever. And even though they thought about becoming a hairdresser, a football player, or a dealer, they managed to take the artistic route. And became an interdisciplinary artist who juggles between their passions: poetry, theater, and music.

About The Actor

Julio Elvisey Pisică is an interdisciplinary artist who graduated from the Theatre and Music University in Timișoara. He is passionate about poetry, theatre and music. His career started in his teenage years as a collaborator of an independent theatre company in Timișoara, together with which he toured in Romania and abroad. Throughout his career he was part of various Festivals in Romania and abroad, he was a peer-trainer in Erasmus projects and his poems were published multiple times in Romania. In the last years he began experimenting with music and he is an independent music producer.

Julio Elvisey Pisică