Stories of Girls’ Resistance
Kamila, Poland


“I feel like the mental health of activists is often taken out of the equation, we don’t talk about this enough. I wish for a world where we don’t struggle so much for basic rights. For every person, every girl to be able to decide for themselves. For the state and the church to stop treating us and our bodies as property. For our choices to be respected.”

Kamila’s Story

Kamila is 22 years old and her journey in the activist world started in a very unexpected way. Today, she continues to fight for the rights of girls and women via the NGO she founded in highschool (MamyGłos) and she is on Forbes Poland’s list of 25 under 25 under for her social activism. Her story is about the perseverance of insisting when you are told “You can’t do this.” But also about the toll that resistance takes.

About The Actor

Andreea Petre is the actress featured in “Toto and his sisters” – an observational full-length documentary filmed across 14 months in the Bucharest neighbourhood of Ferentari, where Andreea performed with her brothers. She is also the protagonist of the German production “The Unpromised Land,” she also performs in “Meet Me in Holmsund,” and the series “House Arrest.”

Andreea Petr