Stories of Girls’ Resistance
Nikon, Romania


“I don’t want to show up on the internet like one of those fancy people who only speak about Rolexes, how bougie they are, Gucci slippers or other bullshit. I make music with a message, this is my fight and my life. I’m not like those rich boys ready to sing about money I don’t even have. What fills me with hope is that I also see people who say “Wow, she’s a girl. A girl who makes trap. Cool! Show us some more of your songs…”

Niko’s Story

Niko has been experimenting with writing lyrics for a long time because she believes this is how people get to see her through her own eyes. The story she told in this project was her first official musical recording. Which followed the release of album Techno-Witches (Tehno Vrajitoarele) that she co-developed with Kali. Her Resistance Story is written in rhymes, rhythm with a strong message. Just like the trap that she composes, performs and posts on social media, where she gets both hate and support.

About The Actor

Niko is performing her own story. She is only 21 but she began her artistic career early on as an actress in the youth theatre group named Playhood in Ferentari – the neighbourhood in Bucharest where she grew up. She has performed several roles in different shows that she shows as part of the Roma feminist theatre company in Bucharest and on different Romanian stages, and has also been a trainer in projects dedicated to youth.