Stories of Girls’ Resistance
Salt, Kyrgyzstan


“…The belief that this is all not in vain and we will see concrete results in 20-50 years. And we can compare today with e.g. 2030 and say, “wow, look at all these cool developments.” For example, today girls do not marry at age of 18 anymore, but rather think about studying, their hobbies and interests in the first place. Girls cannot be married against their will, they are not forced to marry, families do not arrange marriages for their children…” And we would say that we have achieved this. This is to some extent because of our activism.”

Salt’s Story

Salt lives in Osh and she knows that the idea of declaring an International Women’s Day started in 1908, when thousands of women marched in New York and asked for a shorter working program, a better salary and the right to vote. Together with a group called The New Rhythm, she organised a demonstration that they called “The Peaceful March” to celebrate a day to remind us that we still have rights we need to fight for! Her resistance has the rythm of a feminist hymn and this is how her story is told by Andra Barangă – a Romanian Roma singer.

About The Actor

Andra Barangă is a singer and actress. She comes from a family of musicians. She was the semifinalist in the 2020 edition of X Factor Romania. She shares that she has immense interest in everything that is art, music represents her and she tries to bring a splash of originality in all the other arts that she comes across. This is the reason why she got involved in the Girls’ Resistance project and gave acting a go.

Andra Barangă