Stories of Girls’ Resistance
Sea, Uzbekistan


“I am like that cactus. If at the beginning you are a cactus with needles, after being involved in activism and feeling that you may do what you want, you start booming. I get pleasure form what I do. To some extent, the fight for rights of youth and later women, understanding that I do something right, makes me flourish. Those problems I had and still have, in the family, start changing my personality, my perception of the world. There is much bad in the world, but at the same there is balance, and there is much good too. And to make contribution to this good, one should look broader both ways, to see bad and good.”

Sea’s Story

Sea is a freelancer and she works on different projects, both in the area of women’s rights and with investigational elements. Her activism and resistance began in her teenage years. Similar to her personality then, they were born from a place where antagonising was her main form of manifestation. But just like the thorns of a cactus – that hide delicate flowers – the things that could make her bitter actually strengthened her voice. And she is now determined to use it to support women and fight, once more, for rights in her native country.

About The Actor

Bianca Mihai is a singer and actress. She was the semifinalist in one of Romania’s Got Talent editions, took part in various musical festivals in Romania and performed together with IOnel Tudor’s orchestra. In high school, she performed in a youth theater group that toured the country. She is passionate about anything that has to do with people and art and she seeks to connect to people through art. She is currently a student at the Economical Studies University in Bucharest but continues to pursue her passion for acting and music, especially jazz while building her performing career.

Bianca Mihai