Stories of Girls’ Resistance

Yana A and Yana B

Yana A:

“…we were still taught that changes are possible – if you change, other people may change too, if you go to vote, other people may go too, if you do not give bribes, and the system may change. At some moment you still dream you may become a president, but most likely not.”

Yana B:

“Resist means to analyse and think quickly, this is critical thinking. When someone gives you some piece of information, you ask where it is from, what are the sources, ask to show, and not believe on bare word, do not be manipulated. This is resistance. It implies to learn every day, develop, set goals and achieve them, be proud of yourself that you are able to do it, work on yourself, including physical exercises.”

Yana A and Yana B’s Story

Yana A is a young woman from Ukraine who is HIV positive and who decided to protest and fight against the discrimination against young people like her. She made her voice heard in a UN event where she delivered a speech about HIV positive youth.

Yana B is also a young Ukrainian activist. She fights for the rights of youth to be informed and receive sexual education and for the rights of the LGBTQI+ community. Their resistance stories inspire girls their age and challenges a society marked by totalitarian trauma.

About The Actors

Andreea Ghiță & Flori Gornistu are members in the youth theatre group Playhood Ferentari.