Stories of Girls’ Resistance
Yumzhana, Russia


“In the kindergarten, when I was 5 or 6. Everything was divided according to the gender. You are a girl, you can’t do this. You are a boy, you can’t do this. I didn’t like it. Why I couldn’t do what I wanted? That was the first time of such thoughts.”

Yumzhana’s Story

Yumzhana is a student at the International University of Mongolia, studying fashion design. She paints, is an eco-activist, and she launched her brand of clothing two years ago. Her story is one where feminism, spirituality, Buryatian culture, art and ecology intertwined and have taken the shape of a fabric ready to be painted as a sign of cultural resistance.

About The Actor

Raisa Mihai is a singer and actress. Raisa graduated from “George Enescu” National Musical College in Romania and then attended the National Music University in Bucharest to specialise in classical guitar. She is part of ARTissimo Guitar Duo. She is a Roma Education Fund bursary receiver and has won multiple national and international awards in classical guitar competitions. When she was nine, she debuted in the Romanian film theatres with production “HO HO HO.” She also starred in the German production “Nelly’s adventures,” in the French production “À Bras Ouverts,” and also in the shortfilm “Scris/Nescris” (written/unwritten). Her theater debut came with the role in “Gadjo Dildo” Giuvlipențs production and, in 2019, she performed in “American Gypsy.”

Raisa Mihai