Stories of Girls’ Resistance


“Liberation to me looks like independence. Not having to beg, or to convince somebody of my worthiness or anything like that. Just being able to wake up in the morning and be independent. Do what I’ve been created to be: Everything.”

Crystal’s Artifact

Crystal was asked to chose 1-2 artifacts that bring to life who she is, represents her resistance in a snapshot or reminds her that another world is possible. This is what she shared: When I learned that I had glaucoma, my life changed basically from there on. I went through depression. I was trying to finish my studies at the same time I was alone. I remember not telling my parents immediately, cause I just knew that they’d be worrying back in Mombasa. It was very draining, I was trying to figure who is Crystal with a disability? Trying to rehabilitate with my new life I felt a lot of embarrassment and shame. Humans need to create our own belief system so I began to do that, I would say that was a milestone moment. I put power back into my disability. When I was labelled as disabled, it sounds very negative. So I labelled myself V.I.P for visually impaired person, it gives me the power back. My artifact is my white cane, Faith. We walk by faith and not by sight. Faith became my life, my reality. I never leave home without Faith. I always make sure that Faith is close to me. I always make sure that I am extending Faith. Every time I open my white cane, I’m extending my Faith. I’m putting Faith in front of me. Every footstep 1, 2, 3, 4, I’m always with Faith.