Stories of Girls’ Resistance
Edna, Uganda


“ I’m energised by lot of women – I keep saying the world is not ready – we may not see it happening, a rumble of the anger of women and their revolution – I feel it coming.”

Edna’s Artifact

I would say… I can’t think of one thing… I can think of a couple of books, especially books written by African women, Maya Angelou, I am thinking Toni Morrison, Audre Lorde… even if it’s my mother … because whenever I feel lonely or felt that this resistance, activism, world which gets often gets lonely or I am at a place of giving up or just need to take a break, I always refer to the words written by women. I would say this keeps me going. Or my art for me … I feel if someone took away my art – I don’t know how someone would do that! Erase my brain?! As long as I have my art it is my means and weapon of resistance – it keeps me going.