Stories of Girls’ Resistance
Judicaelle, Burundi


“…Our survival as women is rooted in community. When you have a community of women, of sisters who affirm you, who affirm who you are, it gives you power to stay true to yourself. And when you have a community of women who don’t affirm who you are you tend to shrink, you tend to adjust, because you can’t really survive on your own at the end of the day, you still need people around you to affirm who you are as a person.”

Judicaelle’s Artifact

I chose my hair because I have natural hair, but growing up in Burundi I never got a chance to love my natural hair. So, I wanted to establish why I had to shave my head all the time. I remember more than once I was expelled from school because I wasn’t shaving it. But it was more of me trying to connect with that hair, trying to figure out how it grows. Also, I was kind of angry. We had mixed kids at school who weren’t told to shave their hair so they were allowed to let that hair grow and deep down I felt like if I relaxed my hair maybe they’d let me be. So, I remember relaxing my hair one day, going to school with my hair all straight and they expelled me for three days so my hair pushed me more and more to resist, but also to be aware of how white supremacy exists back in Burundi.