Stories of Girls’ Resistance


“Liberation to me is when I can state my opinion freely and I can address certain problems or all of the problems I am facing without being taken for granted. Or disregarded just because of my gender”

Mahasin’s Artifact

I chose my grandmother’s bracelet. I never really met my grandmother, she passed away before I was born, she’s my grandmother from my mother’s side. Our mom used to always tell us stories about her and how she was deeply connected to her. She always kept some of her jewelry with her. She gave me those two bracelets. From what I know of my grandmother, she was a former rebel. She used to smoke. She had a great sense of fashion. Because of those bracelets, I can still wear them today. When I wear them I kind of feel supported. Whenever I’m having something huge in my life or I’m meeting people that are supposed to be important I will wear it, because I feel like it gives me support.