Stories of Girls’ Resistance
Margaret, Uganda


“Why do I think people resist? I think it’s just to get through it. It’s like to get courage. Resistance, it gives you the sense of like, “I can do anything.” So, it gives them hope. It gives them courage and resistance gives them hope. It’s like, “If I can go through this, what can’t I go through? If this happens to me and I resist, what can’t I go through?” So, it’s just like that’s what it will be.”

Margaret’s Artifact

My artifact is a necklace. This one. My friend – he was a friend of mine at my old school, Green Hill Academy. He was a friend of mine. We were going to different schools because he was struggling. For that, we went to different schools. He says, “We are best friends. And since I’m going and you’re going,” he gave me this necklace on my birthday. “And you should wear it so that you can remember me.” He understood me. He didn’t treat me like how the other boys treated me because to other boys, I was just a girl. For him, I was like his, OK, we became friends when I was new to Green Hill – because I was there from P6 to P7 – he came to me first and he was all like, “Hi.” And I said, “Hi.” Then the teacher used to make us sit in a boy/girl, so they put me with him. And I found this caring, loving, really funny person who I knew I would trust like not just like as a woman but he’s my friend, that’s it. And then, suddenly, he became my best friend. So everything we’ve been through, he’s still my best friend. Just because he’s not here …