Stories of Girls’ Resistance
Mila, Mozambique


“I can see how powerful and how happy we are as girls and women, and there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing women feeling free and feeling that they can achieve everything; and it is something great.”

Mila’s Artifact

My artefact is my mother. Why my mother? Is the question right? Because she really inspires me and my personality. She has all the resilience, persistence, love and power that I want to have; and that I think I have. She represents everything to me, not because she is my mother, but because she’s a very strong woman and I try to be like her and fight against the things she has suffered. And everything gets connected, because when I think about my mother, I think about being better and doing better. And one of the ways in which she inspires me, for example, is writing poems where I use words because I think for me to be a good person you need to use wise words. It’s not about only using words in poems or whatever you write, but it’s about using wise words. So she is very inspiring to me and I am very grateful to have her in my life.