Stories of Girls’ Resistance


“Resistance against any idea that goes against my rights. My choice my being of existence. It’s practical and it can be collective or individual. Resisting getting pregnant until I feel I want to get pregnant. For me not continuing this relationship was resistance. As a girl. Organising with women all this oppression. Girls resisting this oppressive culture that oppresses us. Being told when are you getting married, when are you having kids? … Also, performing well in school. Going to school, it’s a right girls have… The daily resistance, they need to justify their own existence.”

Rachael’s Artifact

My first artifact is a whistle I usually use with other comrades in the community. You just blow once and you call people and also it gives me motivation for the demonstration. You blow it several times and you feel more.

My second artifact is a picture of the settlement where I was born and raised. It’s an informal settlement. My oppression was usually targeted to most of us. More importantly is also my struggle, it’s also my passion- about girls’ struggle. Also on my own journey. I happened to be in an early relationship. I was in love, I was 13-years-old and also coming from a very humble background – with this guy. In time he ended up abusing me in ways I was not happy with – beating me in his house and in my community. Seeing my community normalises even the violence in your own house and in the community– it did not make me happy. Also the time when I look at my diary. My case is not unique; it happens to many women. Choosing the artefact, on their behalf – also finding my own voice in the community. I’m seeing women and girls fighting on a daily basis to fight for their voice being heard. We don’t give up.