Stories of Girls’ Resistance

Belief in freedom

While girls are not the only people resisting systems of oppression and organising towards a more just world, their belief in freedom and a better world, as well as their unwavering courage to fight against all odds, is unique to this moment in their lives.

Freedom looks like the safety to be able to make mistakes; to live as one’s true self out loud in the world, without judgement, stereotypes or self-doubt; and freedom to experience the fullness of life, to live in safety and dignity, to learn, to play, to love, to lead. It looks like remaking the systems and structures that harm girls and others in their communities, it looks like the abolition of systems; It is above perhaps all else the elimination of harm and a world that is free and safe from violence.

Whatever her vision for freedom, it is a sense that the world can be remade, and that she can play a part in remaking it. It is the magic that lies between her belief, her imagination and her brave and resilient strategies for change that results in her leading, sparking and creating change.

If you had freedom, what would it look like?


Do you want to expand? What would be colourful?

‘More happy, more free.’

What do you feel is possible within your lifetime?

‘Everything’s possible. Once you put your mind to it.’

And what kind of world are you trying to build for girls?

‘A safer, more free… and a world where everyone is equal.’

Saint Lucia

My feelings were totally different. I felt we should struggle for a cause…The Karameh battle was crucial. We expected to win this battle 1,000,000% and then go back to Palestine. I felt we had to do something for the cause and not only for…I felt we had to do things to serve the people, as well as anything related to the love of one’s homeland.

Jordan, Occupied Palestine

I want a future for girls, I want them to be free. I want them to not feel like they have to act a certain way based on stereotypes and I want them to be able to live and honestly live! Mess up, have awkward first dates, have zits, get braces, accidentally say a wrong word in class. I want them to live. I don’t want them to just have the good parts because if you only have the good parts, we’re not living. We’re not living if we’re always happy. We’re not living because living to me, being angry, being awkward, being sad, being disgusted, being resistant, I feel like those are all things of living.

United States of America

One where they are able to be their true selves. They’re genuine, true selves, and reach their optimal potential. I would like to have a world where you’re able to stand up for what you believe in and not be shut down for it. And a world of understanding. I feel like if people would just understand or try to understand each other, a lot more love would be shared. I want to see a world where there’s less competition and more cooperation.

British Virgin Islands

My desires and hopes are big but I need the help of my government. As a girl who has 17 years of struggle, and fought for her liberty I would like to see my country not prevent girls from education, freedom of movement or freedom of speech. I want girls free of all kind of subjugation.