Stories of Girls’ Resistance

Creativity as a strategy and tactic

Creativity is central to how girls organise. For many, it is the direct use of art in their activism – using poetry, graphics, illustration, murals, graffiti, music, spoken word and other artistic forms of expression to agitate, protest, reimagine and show the world what is possible.

For others it is using creative strategies to address deeply embedded systems of oppression: establishing a running club in a context where that is revolutionary, and using that physical space to politicise; or creatively designing a campaign to become a young female mayor in a deeply conservative context. Girls are not only reimagining the world and showing us what it can be, they are doing it with creativity and for many, art is the form of their resistance.

But my art is anyway connected with feminism. And when I’m asked about art or about feminists’ activity, I’m a bit lost, because for me my art and feminism is the same to some extent.

Buryatia, Russia

Yes, we made a group, well, my sister and I, its name was, “Little Sunbeam” and it was initially a thing like about music, of protest music, I remember, at that time, and I was looking for how to bring that childish voice and not childish in the sense of smallness but of those girls’ voices to the debates and the aspects and adults organisations particularly. And what we were doing was that we were singing initially and then we got into the debates and then it got a little bigger.

Dominican Republic