Stories of Girls’ Resistance

Learning is constant and flexibility is a practice

Girls and young people are constantly learning and pushing to better understand themselves, each other and the world.

They often embrace change and evolve their thinking and practice as they learn, pushing back against traditional ways of doing things. A combination of curiosity and a belief in what’s possible can create openings for young people as they connect with each other, blogs, books, elders and beyond. This requires flexibility and can be seen in how girls and young people embrace and create space for constant, and often seamless, adaptations. The sense that things don’t need to stay the same is a super power young people bring to their resistance, and something that all of us benefit from.

I think that to resist is to persist in what you are believing in and in yourself above all, because in the end you are standing up because of your courage, for your self-recognition, for your self-esteem, and I think that is fundamental to resist all kinds of injustices, to resist a system that is quite oppressive and that lets you know it every day, in all spaces. Then, and well, so as not to get overwhelmed with all that, I think it is important to recognize, to recognize oneself in the courage that one may have. Give yourself space to stop holding on, but also to fall and to be sure that, oh well, tomorrow you can start over and that there are a lot of other people who are doing the same in the world and that in the end maybe we win. Maybe. And we get to beat the system, so I think that resisting is also about persisting from love.