Stories of Girls’ Resistance
Mariam, Occupied Palestine


“…the main cause I am defending is women’s rights, gender equality, I think this issue is not only an issue in Palestine, it’s worldwide. As women we are all connected to each other, we share causes, we share problems, we share experiences as women. This brings us together – demanding our rights, fighting for our liberation, social liberation, fighting to have our spaces, to participate, to be involved in public life also. It’s worldwide, it’s not only in Palestine. So this brings us together – our struggle is shared in one way or another. The contexts are different but our main cause, our main goal is shared. So all women in the world can work with each other, show solidarity with each other, can support each other. They can elevate the voices of each other. I believe that yes, collective work doesn’t only include the national level but also international level – wider.”