Stories of Girls’ Resistance
AnneMary, Fiji


“I’m very grateful that I know so many women who are supportive of me and my advocacy. There are so many women who have paved the way, especially women in Parliament, and in other spaces. Women who are much older than me but also those who are not that much older. They empower me by being themselves and creating spaces for younger women like me.”

AnnMary’s Story

A deeply spiritual young woman, 19-year-old AnnMary is a climate activist and the 2022 Fiji Children’s Award recipient. She was nominated for this award by her school in recognition of her growing advocacy on climate change and environmental sustainability. While AnnMary has received recognition from different national and international fronts for her work alongside other global young activists, she, like any other average teenager, also faces similar challenges of bullying and pressure from peers and even those older than her and in power. When it comes to resisting society’s expectations of her, AnnMary is grateful for the support of her family, especially her Mum and sisters, in forging ahead and encouraging her to be true to herself. When it comes to her main influencers in life, aside from her supportive family, including her late tukaqu (her paternal grandfather), AnnMary pays homage to the many women leaders in Fiji and the Pacific who have paved the way for her.