Stories of Girls’ Resistance
Sadia, Pakistan


“…Girls would have no boundaries, no awareness of the gender – awareness of gender at an early age which makes us sexualize ourselves and be vigilant, both sexualizing ourselves and being vigilant about ourselves – envision a city without that gaze, that internal gaze of our own, even if you haven’t named it yet, it is there after puberty or maybe even before that; a world without that gaze, without these sort of boundaries and limitations that happen to girls’ bodies, that then translate to ideas of what you can do, and what you can think in the world does start with yourself. Yes, we want girls to be artists, dreamers, but that comes later, when they are growing up, how they are made aware of their own physical space and their own duty to somehow honour this idea of izzat (honour) own, that is what I want to do away with, that is the utopia.”

Sadia's Story

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