Stories of Girls’ Resistance

United States of America

From California, Florida, Illinois, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina to Washington, D.C., the United States series documents 14 stories of resistance across the country.

The lives of girls in the United States have been profoundly impacted by systemic oppression and violence, which exert control over their bodies, minds, and lives from the moment they are born. Throughout the nation’s history, girls have faced marginalization and encountered numerous barriers in education, health, sports, arts, and other areas. These barriers perpetuate narratives that tokenize, sexualize, and silence them.

Traditional gender roles, imposed by popular culture until recently, have confined girls to the roles of caretakers, homemakers, and supporters of men. For Black, Brown, and Indigenous girls, these injustices are further compounded by the intersections of gender, race, and other identities. Such systemic injustices erode their autonomy and hinder their ability to thrive. The detrimental impact of these barriers is evident when examining economic, educational, and other indicators that consistently show the limitations placed on girls’ potential.

Moreover, girls in the United States face pervasive violence, including sexual harassment, assault, and domestic abuse. The prevailing culture of victim-blaming, silence, and lack of comprehensive support perpetuates cycles of abuse and further marginalizes them.

Despite these critical challenges, girls across the United States are leading and sparking social justice movements that encompass a broad spectrum of issues, ranging from Reproductive Justice to Water Rights, Climate Justice, and more. They are courageously challenging societal norms, advocating for their rights, and demanding for meaningful change through creative and strategic ways.

The United States’ collection of Stories of Girls’ Resistance sheds light on the violence, trauma, and injustices that girls face while simultaneously redefining them as powerful, revolutionary, insightful political actors that are deeply rooted in solidarity and sisterhood.



The United States of America stories of resistance was curated by About Natalie A. Collier, founder of The Lighthouse. The Lighthouse | Black Girl Projects’ mission is to be a revelatory, unflickering light for Black girls and young women in the southeastern United States through focused programming and by creating spaces of solidarity and safety for them.