Stories of Girls’ Resistance
Pamela, North Carolina


“So, I’m like creating a world. I am creating a world. So mothering, it sounds like a simple word, but people have no idea of what an institution it is to be a mother. You nurture, you educate, you listen, you counsel, you inform, you correct, you discipline, you steer, all of that and I’ve just decided to make it be my life’s vocation. Because even when they’re out of my home, they’ll still be under my tutelage and all the training that we’ve done here, for how they’ll position themselves in the world. I hope that they’ll come back to me and discuss things with me and process things with me and I hope that during these years, I’m giving them the tools to make their own decisions, because they won’t be asking me for permission after a while. I just hope that I’ve been… I positioned myself well enough to where they’ll want my wisdom but that I will have matured enough to realize that they don’t need my permission.”