Stories of Girls’ Resistance
Josephine, Sierra Leone


“I have found my voice… it has always been in me, but it was just looking for the right opportunity to come out. A lot of people just think – oh, girls don’t have a voice. And that’s why I hate people that say – we work for the voiceless. Who told you they’re voiceless? We’re coming to empower the voiceless people. They always have a voice; it just needs to come out. Right now, my resistance is more powerful. It’s the kind of resistance where I make people stop and stare. I go into offices and people are like – we heard you on the radio, this issue you’re dealing with is very controversial, but we think it’s worth fighting for. I think it’s power now. It’s fire.”

Josephine’s Story

Trigger warning

This conversation contains mentions of violence and abuse which may be triggering for readers. Kindly take a moment to decide if you want to keep reading.