Stories of Girls’ Resistance
Musu, The Gambia


“How are they supposed to make decisions on our behalf? The only reason you are making these decisions is because none of these decisions affect you. You do not understand the complications of FGM and living it. Marriages don’t affect you either. Young boys don’t get married – it’s girls. Boys get the opportunity to live their dreams. You have no idea. You don’t understand it! I’m resisting and I will continue. I will shake those tables and I will continue losing my voice and speaking out. We need to change it for our children. I know who I am, the people who love me know who I am. I didn’t give up when I was a child, what makes them think I will give up now?”

Musu’s Story

Trigger warning

This conversation contains mentions of violence and abuse which may be triggering for readers. Kindly take a moment to decide if you want to keep reading.