Stories of Girls’ Resistance
Rachel, Cameroon


“…So I said “I’m going away”, he replied “Are you sure? Because you won’t come back to this house” I said “I’m sure, open the door, I’m leaving” And as I said, there were insecure times, I could get attacked if I went out, it was really dangerous, it was midnight or something. And I was walking and crying, I think I had started to realize what had happened. And I turned back and saw all my brothers and sisters behind me, following me.… And they followed me. And after that, they told me they had stared at him in disapproval and he had said to them, “If you disagree, you may leave too”. So they followed me. That also shows the power of the older sibling over the younger ones. The birthright plays an important role. We trust the older ones. They’re going to lead us. And then you have to play your part as the older one; “Don’t worry, it’s gonna be OK”…”

Rachel’s Story

Trigger warning

This conversation contains mentions of violence and abuse which may be triggering for readers. Kindly take a moment to decide if you want to keep reading.